Frog Hand

CA: 0xAb5F672a57d0e6777BBFa8d6d3a670469965b5B7

Tax: 4% Buy // 4% Sell

Initial liquidity BURNED

What is FrogArm?

FrogArm is a memetoken that aims to take on Binance Smart Chain by storm. With a team of experienced meme creators and content managers, and a dev who has years of experience in blockchain development, we think we're the next big thing. With a meme aresnal of over 200 hand-crafted memes, and just enough braincells to put them in the right places, our #frogARMy will know nothing but meme excellence.

With our upcoming MemeTech utilities, we plan on changing the way all communities interact with Twitter for raids and promotions. We believe if you're raiding you should get paid and we are aiming to make that possible with no team or developer interaction. Just deposit tokens for a competition and let users go froggin crazy!

Our Team

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Team Member 1


Core Frog

Team Member 3

@Froggy Fresh

Community Manager

Team Member 4


Pond Dev

and many more to be announced...

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